The Beginning of Lowa city Poetry Marathon


In Celebration of Iowa City being named a “City of Literature” by UNESCO, Dr. Alphabet
(Dave Morice) sponsered by Sackter House Media will attempt to create his largest, longest, world-record breaking poetry marathon by creating a 100 volume work of 10,000 pages in 100 days ….100 pages a day!
The marathon will be a highlight of a four-month exhibit at the University of Iowa
Main Library honoring the history of the UI Writers Workshop and the Actualist Poetry Movement. Donations go to Sackter House Media, a non-profit organization for disabled people of talent.

July 4, 2010 – Raining and University Library locked, but the Marathon begins…(click photo)


Important Factors To Consider Before Selecting a Quadcopter

If you are planning to get the RC Quadcopter then an excellent place to look is one of the many sites that offer a wide QuadCopter certificates.

Features of Quadcopters

We will supply these sites guidance that fits perfect model for you personally. Supporters QuadCopter published in a number of web sites that contain general information and offers wonderful individuals to buy a remote control very personal best quadcopter. From Nano model Drone Quadcopter will have a huge style that is made to fit for your demands. Search for any Quadcopter review site great decision impartial and enlightened. For many models, and the functionality is available from electronic cameras.

For less than $70, and you will discover Quadcopter show 2MP camera electronic that can record excellent video quality. There are many points to consider when you get your Quadcopter.


When you buy a remote Quadcopter Mango, you must consider the availability of the elements of automotive components. Is it likely to face the incident and Quadcopter your own, especially if you’re just a beginner in this hobby. As a result, it is important to understand that Quadcopter bought a copy to have a lot of spare parts are available for sale. Claim some repairs using this device, so it is really an excellent idea to get one when you see your request. It is advisable to always get extra batteries as the smallest unmanned aircraft flying only about eight minutes in one battery charge.

Along with the countless number of websites Quadcopter year there are also a lot of videos on YouTube and Facebook pages wonderful committed discovery that could be a great source of information on this subject. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive study before buying larger along with a copy of the much more expensive.

  • Every time you take delivery of the very first Quadcopter I see you too, for any Quadcopters pilots, and drone UAV paper hint.
  • The tip sheets allow you to fly your ship safely and confidently. We also look forward to get instructions on how you will be able to configure your form.
  • We also recommend that you read many of the cases guide to become a model familar with the function and remote management of the transmitter.

By learning to fly down low and slow to start, and no way to fly too close to the people. No matter how small your job and it’s fans spin at a very high and can cause injury. If you are traveling outside sure to hold the sun behind you and fly at the same height. Could be that many of the Micro and Nano Quadcopter acrobatics run, but did not try these tricks until you happen to be completely in control of a single model and have perfected the basic flying experience.


We call that you invest in a range of spare parts for your model and when you have to avoid any flight time long inactivity.

I really hope this post has helped identify Quadcopter. Of course I will have hours of exciting actively recruit these wonderful flying machines. You can have a visit to our Dji Phantom Review article for more details regarding DJI Brand.